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tamii taco

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[01 Dec 2010|08:47pm]
I'm kinda depressed.
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[17 Nov 2010|09:39pm]
Printed all on my own today! Boss Tim says I should be able to do it on my own from now on. woopii! Silkscreening is tiring shit though!
And as soon as I get a moment, I gotta call a bunch of places and put up Tim's art work in coffee shops and bars.That should be fun, and will give me the balls to do it for myself in due time, as well as some connects.

Oh well, off to watch blade runner!

ps I can't wait to do an appropriated silkscreen of Princess Mononoke >__<
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[20 Oct 2010|04:46pm]
I sleep but I do not rest,
I make but I do not feel

fatigue trails my paths and blurs the edges

paranoia of a misstep echoes in the distance,
still from the fog
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too much? [26 Sep 2010|09:38pm]
you can have too much.
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Celebration of births and deaths [27 Jun 2010|06:47pm]
 Endings are only the begging of something new and developing.

So it is, bittersweet. Hold the sour
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Broken Bells- Float [14 May 2010|06:33pm]
So you show me round your town
To hell again and back
I love the sexy way you made all the friends you depend on

I know it might seem odd
Kid you're not the only one
I remember myself as a lonely child
So I was
And you`ve got me wrong
Yeah you`ve got me wrong

(World just seems so right
Till the spark of morning light
And all those searching eyes
Do they scald your tender pride)

Remember what they say
There's no shortcut to a dream
It`s all blood and sweat
And life is what you manage in between

But what you don`t know
Is you`re too young and eager to love
This evening I see you`re about to get into
The ditch that your old man dug

(World just seemed so right
Till the spark of morning light
And all those searching eyes
Do they scald your tender pride)

To see the stars align
and leave you behind
You want it so, and I
I come by light of an autumn moon
Sit still you know enough
But for now just let it go
Don`t run, don`t rush
Just flow

Through the give and take you've had to learn
How to cross the coals and not get burned
But you`re really just a little girl
Playing in the park till the sun goes down

So torn and worn and wise
One day and your time is up
No doubt you think you braided your own hair
So you all grown up

Should you want to cross the line
Which way did you want to find?
Pretend that luck could help you find your way
But you got me wrong
Yeah you got me wrong
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[12 May 2010|03:34pm]
May is gonna be a good Month. Seeing Japanther tonight, going to the Valley, getting paid more+more hours, and even Chaos in Tejas.
By the time I know it'll be June and I'll be in Guadalajara and then into my new home!

No complaints here..

oh ya cept for that stupid ticket, and that bizzare 711 experience.

Just the other day I noticed a guy saying "it was the cutest thing", and thought, how how weird it sounded coming out of a boys mouth. "cute" I mean. It's not something boys say often.

But Idk if maybe I'm keeping my ear out, but 3 of my guy friends use the word 'cute' frequently with me.
Haha I think it's cute when boys say 'cute'.

bueno, me voy.

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Electric [19 Apr 2010|02:24pm]
eyes rollover in dreamy satisfaction, to meet again in sweet recoil.
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[16 Apr 2010|03:38pm]
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[15 Apr 2010|11:27am]
 It seems silly, but part of me honestly misses him.

Happy Birthday, you're in my heart.
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Big Leagues [14 Apr 2010|05:23pm]
Drawing foundations
Digital Foundations
Ceramics, Painting, 2-D and 3-D foundation, Life Drawing
Child/Adolescent Psychology and a Student Apprenticeship.
Only a couple of the courses that I have to take.

Man it feels so good and comforting to know that in a few years I'll have a career and be able to support myself, and put myself through graduate school if I want. For the first time in my life, I feel like an adult.
It really makes anything shitty that's ever happened seem so small and petty.
Life is amazing!!

Did I mention I got into UT? Things sure are looking up for old Liz Lemon!
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[11 Apr 2010|03:47am]
 I met a guy I actually liked tonight!! (a first)
.. and I'm pretty sure I gave him the wrong number.
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[09 Apr 2010|12:37am]
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[06 Apr 2010|03:12am]

seriously lol'd.
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[03 Apr 2010|02:37pm]
so fuck 'em. fuck people. particularly the ones that take you years to find out who they really are. 
and maybe it will blow up in their faces one day. or maybe they'll find someone just the same.
Or maybe they'll learn from their mistakes and perfect their acts and have a beautiful family.
In the end they'll only ever be going through the motions, and that doesn't make it real.
It will always be tainted with utter selfishness.
but they'll never be capable of my happiness, or my sorrow.
but at least I know who the fuck I really am, for better or for worse.
At least I know if I met myself not only would I think I was a decent motherfucker, but I think I'd truly like myself.
I know my faults, my flaws and my talents, and at least they're not some diluted version of the truth.
so fuck em! 
I know who I am, and fortunately or unfortunately know these people better than themselves.
Is ignorance bliss?
No, I think it's settling for a false happiness.
Obviously, I'd take the red pill.

Earlier, I was feeding myself some pretty bad advice.. "well, they're just inconsiderate and in the end you just have to accept people for who they are"
how is that any different from "Well my husband beats me but thats just who he is"
which completely goes against one of my best pieces of advice to myself; "Dont take anybody's shit."
The moment you do, you're buying into their perceptions, and that is a slippery slope. .

Well shiiiit, I've got mine :)
And at least I know now they can't hurt me anymore.
and you know what else? I really do hope they become better people.
Because we all deserve to Grow.
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[01 Mar 2010|11:50am]
 Dear journal, 
last night I ran into my friend outside of what I thought was his party. Turns out it wasn't, Anyway, he was with his girlfriend and he ended up leaving with me so I could get some tweedz from him,. As we were leaving I say to his girlfriend "haha I'm stealing him from you, I win"

later he tells me they broke up last week.
hahah my initial reaction was to laugh, but I thought that might be inappropriate. 
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[27 Feb 2010|04:45pm]
fuck fuck fuck fuck
both soko and jeremy messersmith are playing sxsw.

i wasnt even looking! WHY DIDNT THEY TELL ME BEFORE


theyre both sooo cute  n__nnoyed. hes even from Minneapolis, my dream city.

whatever, next year will be pimp..
i hope its not like jay reatard.. where he got punched in the face in austin and then died.
i'll meet you in Virginia..

whatever, and i had a really pimp dream. like i was having to travel a lot for my job. i was like a supporter/spokesperson for something? but it was like something sorta important, and i was kinda a big deal. and everywhere i went i started dating someone amazing. and the sex was amazing. at one point i was speaking at a college and i was in the dorms, i think i was "seeing" like 3 or 4 people there in one night? but none of them ever ran into each other! and i never worried about it. hahah
man that was a good dream
oh ya and most of the people i was dating were girls
fine ass girls

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lesson learned [18 Feb 2010|09:04pm]
never ever live close to government buildings!
someone might fly a plane into it
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paid [10 Feb 2010|03:30pm]
$300 to the man
but doesnt care
because this came on when it started sorta snowing

and im pretty sure the song says "weather wise its been such a cuckoo day"
rather it says lovely here
but its cuckoo!
and it was -______-
anyway this is one of my favorite all time songs
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litost [09 Feb 2010|11:41pm]
is an untranslatable Czech word.
there are those who are able to act on their own litost. This ranges from revenge to blind heroism. But what of those who can not act on their own litost?
what then, if they are not poets?
it is beauty to see what this does to a soul. litost is something inescapable and utterly overtaking.
the decisions that are spurred are to an extent, honest in conjunction with the deliverer.
it is a true human metamorphosis. and helpful in showing what we are capable of.
now to acknowledge this feeling, and direct it.
I can only imagine.
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